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Applications of Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Modeling

Models: LES-S + LPD4LES
Coupled Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and particle modeling.
  • Dispersion in the cloud-topped nocturnal boundary layer Sorbjan & Uliasz, 1998
  • Lagrangian statistics of turbulence
METKAT project. Transport and deposition of heavy metals in the Katowice province, southern Poland.
Uliasz & Olendrzynski, 1996, Uliasz et al., 1997

Validation of mesoscale and regional transport simulations with the aid of the MOHAVE project perfluorocarbon tracers.
Uliasz & Pielke, 1998

Models: CSU RAMS + LPD
MOHAVE project. Impact of local and distant sources on air pollution and visibility in the Grand Canyon National Park. Source- and receptor-oriented simulations of regional transport in complex terrain for the entire year of 1992. Validation with tracer of opportunity.
Uliasz et al., 1996, Uliasz and Pielke, 1998, Keislar et al., 1998

Models: MESO + LPD
Impact of land surface variability on atmospheric dispersion. Idealized scenarios (patches with different soil moisture) and coastal zone of the northern Poland.
Uliasz & Pielke, 1992, Pielke & Uliasz, 1993

Models: MESO + LPD
Receptor-oriented study under idealized synoptic conditions. Shenandoah National Park, eastern United States).
Uliasz, 1993, Pielke et al., 1992

Models: MIUU + LPD
Dispersion in the Colorado River Valley. Source- and receptor oriented study. Comparison of different dispersion models.

Models: CSU RAMS + LPD
Influence functions applied to investigation of high PM10 episodes in complex terrain near Pocatello, Idaho.

Models: CSU RAMS + LPD
Examples of influence functions in the Mediterranean Sea Basin.

Models: CSU RAMS + LPD
Dispersion of pollution from highways, Reno, Nevada.

Models: LPD
Dispersion of marginally heavy gases.

Models: MESO + LPD
Atmospheric transport in the Black Triangle of Central Europe. Receptor-oriented long term study.
Uliasz et al. 1993

Models: MESO + LPD
Validation with the aid meteorological and tracer data from the Øresund 1984 field experiment performed over a land-water-land area.
Uliasz, 1990b

Models: MESO + LPD
Emergency response system for a nuclear power plant Zarnowiec under construction. Coastal zone of Baltic Sea - northern Poland.
Uliasz, 1990b, Uliasz & Pielke, 1991, Uliasz & Pielke, 1992

Meteorological and particle models:

  • LPD - MMDS Lagrangian particle dispersion model
  • LPDD - MDMS Lagrangian particle dispersion and deposition model
  • LPD4LES - Lagrangian particle dispersion model coupled with LES models
  • MESO - MDMS mesoscale meteorological model
  • CSU RAMS - Colorado State University Regional Atmospheric Modeling System
  • MIUU - Meteorological Institute, Uppasala University mesoscale meteorological model
  • LES-S - LES model by Z. Sorbjan
  • MDMS - Mesoscale Dispersion Modeling System

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